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Local 60GB Xbox 360 Release date and price leaked

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Yes we are getting the 60GB Xbox 360 in South Africa.

While Microsoft hasn’t announced anything (that I have received) I have been reliably informed by my secret sauce… or is that source, that the new 60GB Xbox 360 is going to hit retails shelves next Friday the 15th of August.

With sightings popping up all over the world of these new 60GB boxes it has become apparent that Microsoft are once again undertaking a soft launch to try and not cannibalise to many of it’s current 20GB sales.

Speaking of which I just did a quick spin through the local shops and have seen that BTGames, ZAPS and Take2 all still have the 20GB for R2999 or there abouts.

Oh before I forget the new price for the Xbox 360 60GB is R2999…

In the words of the great Marcus Fenix… Niiiccceee

Last Updated: August 8, 2008

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