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[Update] Local copies of Killzone 3 CE missing promised content

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It seems a bit of miscommunication has caused a bit of a stir in the local Playstation community. In the weeks leading up to the game’s release yesterday, local retailers advertised the Collector’s Edition of the game as containing far more than it ought to.

Customers who’ve bought that version for its promised goodies are feeling a little bitter.

According to retailer listings the CE was supposed to have included :

*  Killzone 3 Game Steelbook Case
*  Killzone 3 Super Voucher DLC:
* Unlocks all weapons and abilities for your first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay.
* Lets you rise through the ranks faster by earning experience points at twice the normal rate for your first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay.
* Gives you 3 unlock points to use on any weapon or ability you want.
* Includes the Retro Map Pack – bringing two battlefields from Killzone 2 back into the fight.
* Exclusive Killzone 3 dynamic theme.
* Killzone 3 soundtrack.

Instead, all they’ve gotten is the sexy steelbook case, and codes to download the maps,theme and the soundtrack. Thing is? The Collector’s Edition was never intended to include anything more. The retailers – though they’re the ones receiving most of the vitriol – can’t really be blamed, as it’s information they’d gotten directly from the distributors. To avoid any sort of furore over false advertising, they’re going to have to have to do something. Some retailers insist that gamers will indeed get their codes, as soon as they’re made available by the distributors.

We’ve contacted Ster-Kinekor for comment, and will update accordingly.

Update : Ster-Kinekor has assured us that they’re working towards a resolution and will furnish those details once they’ve come up with a solution.
Update 2: Local retailers are reporting that Ster-Kinekor have organised the unlock codes for customers who pre-ordered the CE edition. You should have them by Monday. Great news!
Update 3 : This appears to be more widespread than originally thought; UK retailer Game also advertised the CE edition to contain the Super Voucher, content they too were unable to provide – but have also now gotten the codes necessary to keep their customers happy.

Well done to SCEE and Ster-Kinekor!

Read more, over at the PS3ZA forums.

[Thanks to eXp_ZA and Voodoo_Charlie for the tips]

Last Updated: February 24, 2011

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