Local Nintendo Wii distributor confirmed

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Thanks to a great tip, from one of the local members of our community, I can now tell you that the local Nintendo Wii distributor has been confirmed…

If you had been following the news about who was trying to win the distribution rights for the Wii you would have seen that the favourite was Nu Metro which we had all presumed had it in the bag. The other names being thrown around where Megarom, SterKinekor and The Core Group…

Well I am happy to announce the new Nintendo distributor in South Africa is The Core Group.

This has only been confirmed this morning and at the moment details are sketchy. I just got off the phone with The Core Group and as you would expect they are a bit hesitant about making any promises about anything until they have all the details.

However they are 99% sure that we will see the Wii at rAge this year.

The only questions remaining now are how much is this thing going to cost and what is Nu Metro going to do with that stand now?

The games distribution rights will be the same as the Xbox 360 so places like Megarom will be distributing the UbiSoft and Activision games and SK will distribute the Midway and other games….


Last Updated: August 27, 2007

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