Local Pricing for Guitar Hero 5 Revealed and Band Hero and DJ Hero

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Megarom have just announced the local pricing for all 3 of their upcoming music titles.

Guitar Hero 5 with Guitar will set you back R999 on all the consoles except the PS2 which will come in R100 cheaper at R899. The standalone title will be R599 on the 360 and PS3, R499 on the Wii and R399 on the PS2.

DJ Hero comes in at the exact same pricing of R899 for the PS2 and R999 for the rest of the consoles, there is obviously no stand alone version of this yet as you need the mixing deck to play the game properly.

Band Hero is next up and as always this ones price makes your eyes water. For the entire super bundle we are looking at R2499 (R2299 for the PS2) and the standalone software is the same price as Guitar Hero.

R2499 is a lot of money but you get to be a drummer and we all know that experience is priceless… as is watching your mom and dad jam to Janet Jackson and Culture Club…

Last Updated: September 11, 2009

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