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Local Retailer Says 250GB Xbox 360 Elite, PS3 Slim On The Way – Prices Given

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Just this weekend I decided to pop into the new BT Games store that has opened up in the Menlyn shopping centre and poke around to see what’s what.

I happened to get into a conversation with the staff about the prices of 120GB HDD’s for the Xbox 360, which strangely started turning into a conversation about something I had never heard confirmed, well not completely.

I started being told about the new Xbox 360 “Super Elites” that were on the way as well as the 250GB PS3 Slim that will be for sale soon as well, and to boot I was given information on the prices as well.

I was told that the “Super Elite” was going to be a 250GB version of the Xbox 360 Elite that is now replacing the Pro and according to the BT Games employee, will have a recommended retail price of R4,500.00 when it becomes available.

I was then told that a 250GB PS3 Slim was coming as well (There has been news on the net recently about both these consoles possibly getting a 250GB) and was told that the PS3 Slim would have a recommended retail price of R4,800.00.

Up until now no prices have been heard for these rumoured consoles until now, however we cannot completely verify the accuracy of the source.

With the 250GB Elites and Slims being only R300 apart, this may truly mean that the real console war only starts now. I have to say, only R300 more for a console that comes with a Blu-Ray player and a Wireless card… Microsoft may very well be soiling their underwear very soon, the price gap just isn’t that big anymore.

No release dates were given unfortunately but be sure that we will keep our collective ear to the ground.

Last Updated: August 31, 2009

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