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Local Wii Price Cut Announced

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In some great news for locals Core have announced that we will be receiving a massive Wii price cut on the 2nd of October bringing the local Wii price down to R2 499 or R1 000 less than it is now.

This now makes gaming in South Africa just that much more affordable with the PS3 Slim floating around for R3 800 and the top Xbox 360 for R3 300.

The Wii gets a lot of negative attention in the gaming media for it’s old style graphics and lack off online ability but it is still the most popular console around and it has brought video gaming into the mainstream media which is something we can all be thankful for.

Not to mention that the New Super Mario Bros is also coming in November and that is one title I cannot wait to pick up.

I would be very surprised if anyone over the age of 25 hasn’t got fond memories of Super Mario Bros and with the new one having 4 player co-op it looks like it really will be fun for the whole family, unless your family is larger than 4 people then you are about to find out which one is truly the parents favourite favourite.

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Last Updated: September 28, 2009

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