Local Wii Price Decrease – April Fools

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So now let us compare our current entry level console prices to our most expensive partner in crime, the UK. Courtesy of Play.com.

Xbox 360
Locally we can now pickup the Xbox 360 Arcade for a mere R1999, in the UK this is going for R2406. So we are actually R407 cheaper than them… Nice one Microsoft.

PlayStation 3
Locally after the price increase our 40GB PS3 is now retailing for R5500, from Play.com I can pick one up for a converted R4 636, which is around R900 cheaper…. Not so nice SK

Nintendo Wii
Locally the Wii was retailing for R2999 and over at Play.com I could pick one up for R2871. So I guess The Core Groups plan for selling the Wii at a high rate has proven to be justified by the exchange rate dropping.

However I hate to break it to all of you but this price isn’t going to last, I was speaking to The Core Group last week and was told some very sad news indeed.

Now that the exchange rate has allowed the UK price to catch us they have decided that it is time to push up the price of the Nintendo Wii again. The new RRP for the Nintendo Wii is going to be R3600. A R750 South African penalty charge…

So to put this into context, the new Nintendo Wii is just slightly cheaper than a Xbox 360 Elite and virtually double the price of its casual gaming competitor the Xbox 360 Arcade.

How this can be justified when the UK price is just 30 pounds more than the Xbox 360 Arcade I will just never know.

At the time of writing I had not yet received an official response from  The Core Group.

Last Updated: April 1, 2008

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