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Local Worms Tournament

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Straight from the Gamerlobby mouth…

“Well it’s time to get your worm on! this is just something we thought we’d have some fun with. So if you’re game then click on join, the rules are pretty straight forward, you can download them below also make sure that you check what the weapon load out should be.

On another note there are no prizes for this tournament only good fun to be had by all, we’d also like to kindly ask that if you are going to join that you please pitch up for your match as well as see the tournament through to the end, Worms is a lot of fun and a good laugh as well”

So if you are interested in a Worms tournament starting next week Wednesday then head on through the link below and sign up.

It’s nice to see that they already have 13 people registered which hopefully means it will be a nice, well contested tournament.

Source: Gamerlobby

Last Updated: January 22, 2009

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