Local Xbox 360 Achievement Cheat Named and Shamed

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YouFail I received a tip last week from a regular reader about a local cheater in our midst, but seeing that I didn’t want to falsely accuse anyone I asked for bit more information on the guy and subsequently missed the chance of naming him before he was caught.

I guess it’s a credit to Microsoft that they picked up Deathtr1p’s blatant cheating in only a couple of days and have reset his once impressive gamerscore back to 0.

His previous gamerscore was 134820 and the local guys picked him out as a cheater as he managed to scoop 30 000 points in a single day while not being online.

What was even stupider on his behalf is that he was unlocking some achievements without unlocking the required build up achievements. For example he apparently had completed Rock Band on expert but he didn’t have it on Hard yet.. all hard achievements unlock when you complete on expert.

He also had completed Skate but ever got the achievement for completing training.

But his coup de grâce was that he managed to unlock an achievement for Brothers in Arms that is only available to be unlocked on the 17th of September this year… proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Deathtr1p is a complete and utter idiot.

Has anyone else spotted a gamerscore cheat recently, do you care if people cheat to get a higher gamerscore?

Last Updated: July 6, 2009

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