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Locally made platformer needs your Greenlight loving

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Xoi san

Do you like platformers? Are you a fan of locally made games? Do you want to help someone who is working hard to pursue his dreams? Then do I have a game for you!

Xoi San is a 2D platformer where players take on the role of a bushman. After witnessing rhino poaching, you must go on a journey to find and return a baby rhino to its mother. Along the way, you can call upon leopards, elephants and giant eagles to help, along with riding rhinos and trampling your enemies. It’s nice to see a distinctly African game going for Greenlight, as well as releasing for iOS, Android, Mac, PC and Linux. Yup, it’s gonna be everywhere – so where’s it coming from?

Lukas De Kock is a 31 year old living in Pretoria who, after working in the IT sector managing crypto solutions for big corporates, decided to pursue his dream. That’s right, he did what so many have wanted to do but aren’t sure they can – he saved up enough money to fund himself for 12 months, quit his job and lined up a few small titles to be released before his 12 month budget depletes. Talk about ballsy. Of course, before then he’d done some map creation and dabbling in 3D animation, but it was upon making this leap of faith that he was able to go all out and make games.

Check out this gameplay video to see what the game is all about, and then head on over to Greenlight to give it a thumbs up.

Whatcha think, it Lukas living your dream? Don’t you wish you could quit your job and make games, even if only for a year of your life?

Last Updated: May 27, 2014

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