Locoroco Cocoreccho is just an 'interactive screensaver'

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In what seems like a very strange move Sony has confirmed that the highly anticipated Locoroco is actually just an interactive screensaver?

Instead of tilting the ground with the Sixaxis or shoulder buttons as you’d expect, the new gameplay mechanic has you controlling the Locorocos by interacting with the little flying blobs they used to collect in the PSP version.

Now I am sure the majority of you either don’t care or are completely confused… Why would they release a game with such a huge cult following like this? It just doesn’t make sense, there must be more to this…

PS3 Attitude: Locoroco Cocoreccho is just an ‘interactive screensaver’ – PS3 news with bite

Last Updated: August 30, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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