Lords of the Fallen 2 is already in development

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I’m pretty terrible at playing any of From Software’s Souls games, even though I own all of them. Curiously I haven’t yet tried Lords of the Fallen, which was widely considered as a milder, less punishing take on the genre. It’s a game that was content with sitting in Dark Souls’ shadow, but that can all change with the game’s sequel.

Despite only launching a few weeks ago, Lord of the Fallen’s sequel is already in the conceptual and design phase of development, with Executive producer Tomasz Gop confirming as much with Eurogamer. So there’s nearly nothing to go on at this stage, other than the fact that it’s coming.

With a sequel, Lords of the Fallen has a golden opportunity to start standing out on its own. It’s already got a foot in the door on current-gen consoles and PC, so now’s the perfect time for it to start introducing some unique elements into the mix so that it can break free from it’s “easier Souls game” shackles.

The sequel also has a great chance to capitalise on From Software’s next game, Bloodborne. While it’s looking incredible, it’s only going to be on PS4, leaving PC and Xbox One fans craving for similar new experiences – the perfect market for Lords of the Fallen 2.

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Did you pick up the game when it launch in October, and are you excited at the prospect of a different, more unique sequel? Or are this brutally difficult RPGs not your cup of gaming tea?

Last Updated: December 18, 2014

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