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image Last week Megarom hosted the first ever MegaGamers event which was a lot of fun and I have full intentions of doing a write up about that a little later. However some information came out that I thought was very cool and something which Megarom deserves a bit of praise for.

One of Megarom’s new releases is “Lost: The Videogame” which according to Ubisoft is a AAA title and should therefore have a RRP of R599. However looking at the Market and the game Megarom decided to sell at a better price point of RRP R399.

Ubisoft agreed to allow Megarom to set a much more realistic price of +- R350 [Updated R399].

I have played a bit of the game so far and I can so that for R350 it’s well worth the money, It’s nice to see a distributor understanding the market and working for us…. I think this MegaGamer idea is really going to help people’s perception of Megarom, for the better.

[Edit]It seems that the RRP is actually R399 but you can get it from www.zaps.co.za for R351 so good on them

Last Updated: March 11, 2008

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