Lost Planet coming to the PS3 – Fans are not impressed

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After Capcom announced last week that Monster Hunter 3 was not going to be gracing the PS3 fans were annoyed. However Capcom said that PS3 fans must wait and they will feel better this week.

Well the big secret has been revealed and it is Lost Planet. Now I thought this was great news for the PS3 as Lost Planet is a solid enough game, however people are not happy.

Even if we get Street Fighter 4 on the PS3, replacing Monster Hunter 3 with the sloppy seconds of the not so critically acclaimed Lost Planet is enough to make me say that I feel the same way I felt last week Capcom. Betrayed.

Is that fair on Capcom? Well I guess a lot depends on how well the game gets ported and if Capcom announce more games for the PS3.

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Last Updated: October 17, 2007

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