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Machinarium developer has two new games coming

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There are three go-to titles that I exclaim with glee when asked what some of my favourite games are: Machinarium is one of those three. It’s a game that has the enviable ability to grab your attention and not let go; I played through the entire game in one sitting on a rainy Sunday afternoon and the experience was sublime.

The 2009 point-and-click indie also had, in my opinion, the best music in an adventure game since the original Monkey Island. In fact, the OST for the game (which is available for purchase) has not left my playlist in over a year. So when Amanita Design, the Czech developers behind Machinarium, announced that they had not one, but two new games on the way, I got giddy with anticipation.

Fans of Amanita need to diarise 25 March, because that’s when the two new games will debut. If you happen to be in Nottingham at that time, then you can attend the GameCityNights festival where Jakub Dvorský (founder of Amanita Design) will reveal all.

If you haven’t played Machinarium I seriously recommend you give it a whirl. There’s a demo out there somewhere, and the full game can be purchased through Steam. Just don’t steal it – the game got pirated to shit and back when it originally came out, so much so that the developers offered a “pirate amnesty” sale; for a limited time the scum people who stole the game could pay a reduced fee for a legitimate copy.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: March 17, 2011

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