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MadCatz Get Mad – MaxConsole Fights Back

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I was really happy to see this article, merely because I really feel the corporate bullying is just unacceptable.

A little while back, the online gaming site MaxConsole posted an article about the new official Manchester United branded MadCatz controller, saying that it doesn’t look pretty (and I agree).

MaxConsole was then contacted by MadCatz’s Global Communications Manager and asked that they either remove or modify the post or else they will have no choice but to remove them from their press database. Would someone please explain to me how they would have no choice? Since when does having an opinion on a product give a company like MadCatz the right to threaten a website with crap like this?

MaxConsole were more than happy to reply and the reply is beautiful to say the least. More after the jump.

MaxConsole replied to MadCatz in a post on their website and showed that they are not going to be pushed around. The reply really put a smile on my face, it went like this:

“Well you know what MadCatz, the story will stay and you can take your school yard bully tactics elsewhere because the fact remains that the Manchester United soccer gear isn’t pretty at all!”

Kudos to MaxConsole for telling MadCatz to take their products and shove it. I lost a lot of respect for MadCatz because crap like this is just not cricket and I hope that this news spreads all over the internet and that MadCatz suffers because of it.

source: Max Console

Last Updated: December 1, 2008

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