Maingaming hosting a FIFA 12 tournament with a R25000 main prize

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I’ve been consistently impressed with the folks over at Maingaming – who aim to turn gaming in South Africa in to something more than just a hobby, or way to while away the time.In addition to all their other tournaments and events, they’re now hosting a tournament for what’s likely one of the year’s biggest games – FIFA 12, and they’ll be giving away a rather large sum of money to the winner, a whopping R25 000.

Here are the details you need :

Maigaming will host 40 Fifa 12 events around South Africa; Live qualifiers and Online qualifiers. Each qualifier will see the top 3 placed players earn a spot in a Grand Final. 8 random places will make up  wildcard entries, so even if you don’t make the top 3 of any event, you still have a chance of making the Grand Final. Each event will also have awesome prizes up for grabs; LCD Screens, Consoles, Games etc. The final – date, time and location unknown at the moment – will have 128 players battling out for that sweet R25K grand prize. Details here.

FIFA 12 gets released locally tomorrow, so you might wanna grab it and get some serious practice in. The first event will be held at Clearwater Mall in Roodepoort on October 9. If you’re interested, here are some pics from some f heir previous tournaments at Clearwater; namely Mortal Kombat 9 and FIFA 11. See more here


Last Updated: September 29, 2011

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