Making offensive emblems in Black Ops 3 will get you banned

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Give gamers creation tools in any game, and they will make penises. Such is the law. It’s something we saw with Spore, it’s something we saw once SimCity allowed curved roads – and people even etched out blocky penises in Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity. Minecraft, Halo’s Forge, Forza’s decals, Little Big Planet – and it’s something we’re even seeing in Fallout 4 right now. Spoilers, I guess.

This year’s Call of Duty – like some previous – allow users to create their own emblems and insignia to plaster all over their guns. As you’d imagine, the juvenile amongst us have taken it as an opportunity to make cocks.

Treyarch’s having none of it. Those who’re found making reprehensible content are finding themselves on the end of a banhammer, says Gearnuke. Not a temporary one either, as the ban seems to be permanent. Stuff that’ll get your access to the designer features? Penises, other genitalia, Nazi symbolism, racist twaddle, ISIS flags and other things deemed in poor taste.  It’s worth keeping in mind that this has been happening since the first Black Ops, so shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The ban is only from the feature and not the game itself.

Now while there are those who will decry this sort of banning as an affront to free speech, Call of Duty’s servers are a private platform, and they have the right to ban anything they see fit. If you are the creative sort, there are probably better ways to show off your talents than by making digital dicks and being generally offensive. Might I suggest rainbows, flowers and unicorns?

Last Updated: November 24, 2015

Geoffrey Tim

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