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Man dies from playing too much Diablo

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This is not Russell

It looks like Diablo 3 has taken its first real life casualty with 32 year old Russell Shirley being found by his landlady and co-worker after apparently having a heart attack during a marathon Diablo 3 session.

According to his co-workers blog post Russell had booked off 3 days from work to play Diablo 3 at launch however he then phoned in on Friday to ask for Friday off as well.

But when Russell didn’t arrive on Monday people started to get worried and the landlady decided to enter his flat to see if he was okay only to find him dead at his computer.

Apparently he had a heart attack sometime between Saturday evening when they last heard from him and Monday morning.

It’s pretty sad that someone has died doing what they love so much, remember people no matter how great the game is you need to stop playing every now and then. Go outside and experience nature. Yes it sucks but it helps keep you alive.

It’s like grinding in WoW, no one really wants to do it but it’s necessary.

Last Updated: May 24, 2012

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