Man offers R550 to play Destiny for him

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You know your game has some issues when people are offering others money to play the game instead of them. A man in America has offered to pay someone $50 to play Destiny for him this weekend.

Now you’ve heard it all before from the game’s detractors. They love to say that Destiny is a grind fest and that the game has been made to last by forcing people to replay the same missions over and over to level up.

However, that isn’t the part that this person wants to pay someone to play. No, he actually wants someone to play the multiplayer deathmatch side of the game so that he can complete the Exotic bounty for Thorn.

Apparently, the bounty is quite a tough one and includes varying gameplay modes but the one he seems to be struggling with is the part where you are required to use void damage to kill guardians. Players get 5 points per kill and need to reach 500, however you lose 2 points for every death, as well as each death slowing your progress.

Personally, I’m a big Destiny fan but I really hate the PvP section and simply ignore all bounties that require that part of the game. This has resulted in me not having played in a while, so maybe Activision should sit up and take notice of this advert.

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The poster doesn’t clarify which platform you would be required to use, which could be a problem for some.

Last Updated: January 9, 2015

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