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Mares of War 3 is the My Little Pony game that I really wanted…

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I think I've upset the Mafia. I woke up this morning and found a My Little Pony's head on the pillow next to me.

There’s something weird, strange and kind of wonderful about the way that a children’s cartoon has been usurped by grown men. For some reason, this obsession with anthropomorphic talking ponies has lead to a sub-culture emerging, one that places the magical equestrian species in everything.

Which is what Deviantart user Nickyv917 has done, replacing familiar video game characters, with the magical ponies instead. At least he has good taste in games. I mean, can you imagine if he had chosen to use something like Bloodforge?

See for yourself, after the jump.

There’s plenty more on his account page, so trot on over and give it a look. Dammit, this makes my idea for Top Gears of War look crap in comparison.

mare_do_well__canterlot_city_by_nickyv917-d50p3bh copy

starpony_assault_by_nickyv917-d507tbh copy

 mares_of_war_3_by_nickyv917-d50bxnp copy

god_of_soar_ii_by_nickyv917-d50ll6o copy

macjo_tooie_by_nickyv917-d4zv1cr copy

 pony_calibur_2_by_nickyv917-d4zr8qf copy

ghostiebusters__the_video_game_by_nickyv917-d4zyvd1 copy

 ponoa_by_nickyv917-d503hsh copy

Last Updated: May 22, 2012

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