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Marvel goes high fashion at SA Fashion Week

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I had no idea, but apparently last week was all about SA fashion. All the local designers were showing off their wears (see what I did there?) for audiences of fashionistas. And then I was there – I even wore some Prada heels for the occasion. But why? Because the clothes were inspired by Marvel.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is releasing at the end of April. Of course Marvel and Disney like to pair up with fashion – this isn’t the first time they’ve done so. With collaborations with the likes of Cartier, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blank and Christian Louboutin, Disney is no stranger to fashion. So, they got six African designers to pay tribute to Marvel with unique collections. Fashionistas have something to learn from comic book heroes – it takes something that truly resonates with your audience to stay relevant for so many years. Comic book characters are still cool and make people extremely excited. Now to see if people will say the same for the fashion collection. Here are some images thanks to Phillip Santos, an incredibly talented photographer whose images are way better than mine.

The looks I liked the most came from Zambian designer Kamanga. Iron Man tops, Captain America and Thor inspired dresses? Sign me up! There were a few cool pieces in the collection, but it was probably this one from the male collection by M4S that proved why the audience was filled with so many excited women:

It was a strange and fun evening, especially once I made it to the after party and all the candy a girl could ask for. Oh, and playable Disney Infinity – nothing like watching the fashionistas try their hand at the game. Oh, and here’s an obligatory picture so that you can see just how fashionable I was.

Zoe at fashion week

Would you buy a high fashion item inspired by a comic book, or will you stick with the awesome t-shirts you can find at your local comic book store? Does this make any sense to you, or are you just going to carry on and pretend nothing happened?

Last Updated: March 23, 2015