Marvel has trademarked Secret Wars for a potential video game

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Secret Wars (2)

Every comic book company has that one event that defines their particular universe. DC has the mother of all reboots that was perfected in Crisis on Infinite Earths, while rival publisher Marvel comics has the original industry blockbuster event series: Secret Wars. The original 80s series may have been produced in an effort to sell toys, but the ramifications of its production were felt for years after release.

Who would have thought that taking some of the biggest comic book stars and throwing them into one massive mini-series would have been so popular, huh? Not one to use a good idea only once, Marvel had another Secret Wars event back in 2015 that was built on the back of the threat of universal extinction. Only the iron will of Doctor Doom could save the Marvel omniverse, albeit at the cost of a man who preferred to rule in heaven rather than serve in hell as he created Battleworld.

A land where the Marvel Zombies reigned free in one corner while battling the robotic hordes of Ultron, where the Hulks had their own nation and everyone was policed by an army of Thors. Sounds epic, right? Imagine either Secret Wars series in video game form then, because Marvel has plans for the property.

Spotted by Bleeding Cool, Marvel has registered a trademark for Secret Wars for:

Secret Wars (3)

Downloadable electronic game software for use on mobile phones and handheld computers; video game software; computer game software and Providing computer and online games; providing games for use in connection with computers, mobile computers, media players, cellular phones, wireless devices, and portable and handheld digital electronic devices; providing information relating to online games via global computer networks and electronic communication networks; providing an online entertainment information service featuring information regarding computer games, enhancements for computer games, online games, and game applications via global computer networks and electronic communication networks; providing temporary use of non-downloadable computer and online games; providing temporary use of non-downloadable software for playing computer and online games; providing temporary use of non-downloadable software to enable playing and otherwise providing computer and online games; providing interactive websites and applications featuring computer and online games and non-downloadable games.

Basically (HUFF WHEEEEEZE PANT), any and all video game platforms then. There’s a lot that Marvel can do with this property, especially in an industry that would get all manner of kicks from seeing heroes and villains clobber each other around in new locales and scenarios. Part of me suspects that we might see the first taste of Secret Wars in Marvel Heroes Omega, the free-to-play title that regularly offers linked content like this for its fanbase.

Another part of me desperately wants to see a fully-realised Secret Wars game developed, that leverages the idea of parallel heroes fighting over the scraps of Battleworld. Time will tell what Marvel has planned for their mystery conflict.

Last Updated: August 29, 2017

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