Mass Effect 3’s ending won’t lead directly to Mass Effect 4

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Commander Shepard’s role in the fate of the galaxy will come to a close in just over two months time. While that marks the end of Shepard’s story, it isn’t the end of the Mass Effect series – but that doesn’t mean that Mass Effect 3 won’t have a a conclusive ending. Mass Effect 3’s producer Casey Hudson revealed in a recent interview with OXM that he and his team at Bioware won’t use the game’s ending to set up a sequel, focusing rather on giving Shepard the ending he/she deserves.

"I think with each game we throw forward a few threads, so we know where we’re going, we have lifelines to hang onto," Hudson said. "But with everything else we went right ahead and made things difficult for ourselves! And even more so for this. We want to end the trilogy really strongly, and that’s the most important thing, and then we have a few ideas for things we can think about doing in the future. But we’re okay with making it difficult for ourselves, because the most important thing is giving people a great ending.”

"We want to do more stuff with Mass Effect, of course, and I’m sure we will," he added. "But we’re not really thinking about that right now. We want to make sure we give people the best ending to Mass Effect 3 that we can."

"And we have an idea of how to do that – let people have the maximum impact and the maximum fun with this playground. We’ve always envisaged this as three really good games, and this one is the story of all-out galactic war."

Mass Effect 3 sees Shepard defending the world (and indeed the galaxy) from an all-out invasion by the Reapers and will be available – for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 at the same time – in the US on March 6. The rest of us will be getting it on March 9 this year. As an aside, your Shepard should totally be female; she may not be as nicely animated as the male version in game, but Jennifer Hale’s voice work is – in my opinion – miles ahead of Mark Meer’s. As an aside to my aside, I’ve gotten pretty tired of obvious sequel set-up, cliff-hanger endings to games. Assassin’s Creed…I’m looking at you.

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Last Updated: January 5, 2012

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