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Mass Effect: Andromeda gets chaotic with new combat trailer

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Mass Effect Andromeda combat trailer 2

Mass Effect: Andromeda is just a few weeks away from launch, so it’s about time BioWare starts delving deep into some of the more nuanced features for its highly anticipated sequel. Andromeda is about conversations and role-playing, but in this first of many video diaries we’re looking at the most base instinct of all its races: to shoot everything else in the face. Combat is a core pillar of Andromeda, and it’s taking hints from the previous three games in varying doses.

For example, you’ll still only have access to three types of weapons, ranging from Pistols to Shotguns to Rifles. Those weapons are broken down into sub classes, with certain ones using normal ammo while others use an energy system similar to the first game. Your Pathfinder isn’t locked down to any one type of weapon though (again like the first Mass Effect), allowing you to change you role in the fight with a simple inventory or radial wheel change.

Combat itself seems fast, and Biotics and Tech only enhance this further. Biotics will still help you feel like a Jedi in the Mass Effect universe, allowing you to pull enemies towards you, have them float in mid-air and decimate shields. Tech, on the other hand, bestow you with some neat gadgets that let you bring down defences and hide from enemies. It’s not at all new for returning fans, but I’m interested to see how they’ve been tweaked to support the new fast, open pace of fire fights.

Better still are the small looks at both weapon and skill management, which looks to give you a lot more freedom in actually role-playing than Mass Effect 3 ever did. If I had to pin it down, these systems alone make Andromeda look like the proper love child of both Mass Effect 1 and 2. A strong emphasis on action, but with an equally strong support of stat watching and balancing.

There’s more videos on the way that will surely deal with your squad’s abilities and narrative aspects of the game, as we gear up for a new adventure near the end of March.

Last Updated: February 21, 2017

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