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Mass Effect: Andromeda to feature destructible cover and Mako customization?

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Ah, rumors and leaks. I always find it funny when companies employ tons of people to work on a project and then are surprised when some of those people spill the beans. Of course, who knows if this leak is real – in the interest of protecting identities, we have no was of corroborating this information. Still, as far as rumors and leaks go, this one sounds pretty viable.

Over on Reddit, someone decided to leak a bit of info to the moderators. If you’d like to listen to the moderator share what was leaked, here’s the video:

According to the information provided, the game will be squad-based as it was in the original, with the player taking on the role of the protagonist joined by two team members. All squad mates have jetpacks which come into play for exploration. Speaking of exploration, we already knew that the Mako would be returning, but it seems that it will also include customization options – make your own Mako?

Thanks to the new and improved Frostbite, we can expect destructible covers. The game will also focus more heavily on exploration, with the main character referred to as ‘the pathfinder’ and the addition of a pathfinder quarters section on the (totally different) ship. In fact, the ship will also travel in a new way, with the game removing the old jumping around via galaxy map and actually letting players fly the ship. I hope that there’s an autopilot for people like me – I prefer to let computers fly my spaceships instead of manual steering and the like.

None of these rumors sound that outlandish to me. We knew the Mako was returning, and it makes sense for them to add customization to it. Same goes for added elements of exploration and environments. I just hope that Bioware releases a new trailer showing these things in response to the leak rather than closing the lid on information any further.

Last Updated: November 23, 2015

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