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Mass Effect PS3 Rumours “Inaccurate”

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mass-effect-ps3 We reported recently of rumours that Bioware’s Galactic RPG Mass Effect and its sequels could well be on their way to our favourite Blu-Ray player – News that would make most PS3 owners happy. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to crush those dreams. An EA spokesperson has quashed that canard, stating that “The rumour regarding Mass Effect being developed for PS3 is inaccurate.”

With Mass Effect being such a story-driven game, this casts doubt on the sequels appearing on the PS3. When questioned about possible 360 exclusivity for the sequels, the same spokesperson replied “Impossible for EA to provide comment on this given that no such games have been announced.” Odd considering Bioware were showing of its level design at GDC 09.

Mass Effect, despite its performance issues and often drab scenery, was one of my favourite games of 2007. Deeply engrossing, it’s a shame that many PS3 owners will never get the opportunity to experience it.

Source : VideoGaming247

Last Updated: January 23, 2009

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