Mass Effect Release Date Announced

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If you are one of the few NTSC 360 owners you will be happy to hear that Mass Effect will be released in the US on the 20th of November.

There is still no word on the European (and are) release dates but if we follow the average trend of our release being 1 week later we can expect to see it on the 27th of November…

Which just happens to be my wife’s birthday.. Guess who is not going to be playing Mass Effect on that day 😉

Generally this game has been receiving rave reviews and the most recent delay was rumoured to be a planned delay to avoid falling into the BioShock / Halo shadow… November seems like a good time to be released….

[Update] It seems the EU release date is the 23rd of November… only 3 days late that’s not bad

Mass Effect Release Date Announced – Xbox

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