Massive Call of Duty Steam sale

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So are you the biggest Call of Duty fan on the planet and have an insatiable desire to own every single piece of Call of Duty software ever launched? Or have you never played a single game and believe you need to buy everything to catch up before Advanced Warfare is released?

Well then Steam has the sale for you! For this weekend only you can purchase pretty much all items released by Activision since the original Call of Duty first hit the scene for only $199.99 which is around R2200. That’s 108 items which are mainly personalisation packs but which also include all the full games released along with their DLC.

Now for someone who has never played any of the games this could be seen as a decent deal but in reality who would pay over R2200 for a ton of games they haven’t played? And if you are a big Call of Duty fan you most probably own all the big items already.

But it’s not all bad as Steam is also offering most of the personalisation and DLC packs at 50% off until the 1st of September.

Check out the entire sale here and if you are around this weekend and want to help me test the Xbox One version of Ghosts from SA let me know in the comments below.

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Last Updated: August 29, 2014

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