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A massive new patch for Injustice 2 is adding plenty of fixes

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Much like a drunk tight-rope walker realises far too late, balance in life is a key factor to enjoying it to the fullest. That goes double for fighting games, as having the playing field even for everyone makes for the most enjoyable of fisticuffs. In the past, you’d have to wait for a company to release an Ultra Turbo Sigma version of their brawling title before you’d get those necessary changes, but patching up a title is a lot more efficient currently.

It’s something that can be done on the fly with hotfixes or more substantial tinkerings. It’s that heftier side of the spectrum that Injustice 2 is focusing on today, as its ultimate Batman V Superman simulator is getting one hell of an update based on weeks of feedback since the game launched and made us believe that a man could indeed fly when punched into orbit by a Kryptonian solar-god with delusions of grandeur.

In terms of characters, if you were hoping for a Deadshot nerf then you’re…bang…hehe…out of luck. He’s getting slightly boosted with regards to a bug on special ability, so you’re going to have to focus your strategies on dealing with his long-range bastard techniques. I’d go for Cheetah or Harley Quinn in that match-up, as they have superb counters at any range.

The rest of the patch notes deal with various bugs and tweaks. They’re copied below straight from NetherRealm’s update, so be prepared to scroll as I petition the developer to make a Bicycle Repair-Man skin for Superman. Alter saddle, guv’nah.

General stability improvements

  • Many move list corrections
  • Added more descriptive connection error messages and improved detection
  • Fixed audio issues related to moves being interrupted
  • Improved AI logic for multiverse opponents & for player AI loadouts
  • Corrected an issue which could cause specific Jump Attacks to not have recovery when a miss occurred
  • Corrected an issue that could cause a character to jump in the opposite direction if the jump was inputted on the same frame as an opponent teleporting to the opposite side
  • Gear Loadouts are now displayed in the loading screen for online matches
  • The level requirement on Gear will now be displayed as red if the user has not met the level requirement to equip it
  • Added an indicator to opponent info in online match making screens which will display if the opponent is using a Wi-Fi connection instead of a Wired connection
  • The cursor now starts on Return tab instead of Leave Guild in the edit / view Guild information popup
  • Added ability to view Set Bonuses in the customize character summary page
  • Fixed an issue related to the projected win percentage not being accurate for online ranked and player matches
  • Fixed an issue which could cause players to not receive the proper rewards upon reaching levels 5/10/15/20
  • The Guild tab will now flash in the main menu to indicate if awards are available to be claimed
  • Corrected an issue that could cause the camera to behave unexpectedly if there was an error when an arena transition happened
  • Multiverse opponents and player AI loadout characters will now use sidekick and assist attacks
  • Fixed an issue in some Multiverse events that allowed for Sidekick and Assist Attack meter to be depleted without the attack occurring
  • Fixed a bug which was causing the stat scaling on a few Rare quality items which were rolling a lot higher than intended
  • Mr. Freeze premier skin now has a helmet
  • Bronze Mother Boxes now cost 5000 Credits & Silver Mother Boxes now cost 10000 Credits

Stage Specific Fixes

  • Batcave – Hanging hook Environmental Interaction now has a cooldown after being used
  • Batcave – fixed a bug that allowed hanging hook Environmental Interaction to knock enemies slightly outside of the arena boundary
  • Brainiac Ship – fixed a bug causing a character to face the wrong way when using the data canister bomb Environmental Interaction under certain circumstances
  • Metropolis – fixed bug causing punching bag visuals to linger after being interrupted while using this Environmental Interaction
  • Slaughter Swamp – reduced the range in which the truck Environmental Interaction can be used

Character Specific Fixes

  • Black Adam – the Gear Ability Soul of Shazam now increases damage on initial hit of SHAZAM!!! (Flip Stance + Meter Burn)
  • Black Adam – the Gear Ability Seth Strike can now be done as a wakeup, reversal, and be 2in1 cancelled into
  • Bane – Mercenary’s Elbow when meter-burned will no longer do unscaled damage (this change only applies when not in Competitive/Tournament Mode)
  • Bane – fixed a bug which prevented his forward and backward throw to not reward a first hit bonus
  • Bane – while in level3 Venom, Shattering Cross (Towards + Medium) will no longer lose its armor breaking property when cancelled into Fist Slam (Down)
  • Brainiac – slightly adjusted hit regions on Panic In The Sky (Towards + Medium, Down + Light, Hard)
  • Cyborg – fixed a bug which could cause the HUD UI for his character power to display the wrong icon
  • Darkseid – the character power Parademons will no longer sometimes immediately attack if the character power button is still held down
  • Darkseid – fixed a bug where Low Burn (Down + Hard) could remain active with no visual effect if he was hit during a specific frame
  • Darkseid – fixed bug causing Charging Parademon to attack in the wrong direction under certain circumstances
  • Deadshot – Fixed bug causing opponent to gain meter when killed by Wrist Cannon while Poison Ammo is active
  • Flash – the visual effects for Gear Ability Sonic Bolt will no longer disappear if Flash was hit during the recovery frames
  • Green Arrow – fixed a bug preventing Canary’s Kiss (Towards + Hard) from receiving a damage boost when meter-burned or performed as a bounce cancel
  • Joker – reduced the block stun on Chattering Teeth by 5 to prevent an inescapable block trap against most characters
  • Poison Ivy – fixed a bug where Bed of Thorns visual effects could linger when the move was not active
  • Scarecrow – fixed a bug which caused his wakeup attacks to have no invincibility frames (affects Fear Toxin & Traumatize)
  • Wonder Woman – The Gear ability Amalthea’s Protection no longer loses armor when meter-burned.
  • Wonder Woman – fixed a bug causing Upward Amalthea Bash when done as a wakeup to lose invulnerability before the activate frame

Injustice 2 is out right now, and according to Geoff Lantern it may just be the hottest fighting game of the year.

Last Updated: June 6, 2017


  1. Ugh… I just started playing this and now there’s a massive patch?


  2. Nikola

    June 6, 2017 at 12:24

    Got 30 hours in this game already its bloody amazing, the gear system is super addictive and this is 30 hours of no online play just multiverse leveling characters and collection gear!


  3. Jim of the Banana

    June 8, 2017 at 18:52

    When are we getting access to red Hood? It just taunts me….


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