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Massive STAR WARS rumour update! Main villain, new Stormtroopers, story details and more revealed!

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Four days ago, I – like most of the internet – had no idea who Indie Revolver was. However over the course of this past weekend, the website has been pulling in a crap load of hits as they have been unveiling supposedly leaked pics and details about the super secretive Star Wars: Episode VII. And these are major leaks, the type that get people fired. If true, that is. Yes, none of this is confirmed yet, but they do sort of sound/look true, which is why there is a big SPOILER WARNING on this. Scroll down at your own peril.

Long time ago, in a SPOILER far away

I sense a SPOILER in the Force

Luke, I am your SPOILER

Okay, so let’s start with the smallest bit of news and work our way up. Firstly, we have these two pieces of concept art for Harrison Ford’s Han Solo.

As you can see, the one has him wearing an outfit very similar to what he was decked out in on Hoth, and we’ve heard from several reports now already that Episode VII will be featuring another ice planet, hence the fur coat. If you look carefully, you can also see him once again boasting military rank bars on his chest, but more on that later.

Some other concept art, as well as one actual physical  helmet, has been revealed to give us what appears to be our first look at the new generation of Stormtroopers.

I really dig this new, sleeker look, and would love to see more of it. Latino Review seem to have a whole lot more info on the new Stormtrooper designs, including word of a chrome version with the ability to cloak. LR’s track record with these things have been really spotty lately though, so take their claims with a handful of salt.

One claim that seems all but confirmed due to the amount of sources that are supporting it, are that John Boyega’s character would be a Stormtrooper and that he, along with Daisy Ridley’s character, would find Luke’s lightsaber (and possibly also severed robotic hand) and attempt to find the Jedi Master who has been missing since the events of Return of the Jedi. LR and Badass Digest both add to this, saying that Boyega and Ridley will run into Han and Chewie, only they no longer have the Millennium Falcon having lost it to Oscar Isaac’s character – who is described as this new generation’s Lando – while gambling. The ship they are in command of though (hence the rank), is a Super Star Destroyer. Let that one sink in for a bit.

Don’t let it sink in for too long though, as this next batch of rumours is a doozie. They claim that Luke is not missing, but rather being held captive by a group known as the Inquisitors. If that sounds familiar, it’s because they have already existed in a slightly different form in the now defunct Expanded Universe, but most importantly, “Inquisitor” is actually the name of the main villain in the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated show. There definitely appears to be some link between the group and that character, but he is not the leader of this new group of Inquisitors (which Badass Digest claim is not a name that has actually been used on set officially yet). No, this new main villain is described as “tall and thin and terrifyingly creepy, with glowing red eyes to match his red lightsaber. He’s got some robotic upgrades, like Vader – but no mask. The cybernetic bits weave in and out of him. He’s got a human upper lip, a steel jaw” and a metal hand that we may actually may just have seen recently in writer/director JJ Abrams’ latest Force for Change update.


That would be just the type of cheeky thing Abrams would do, showing us something this big, but which we’re not aware of. But if another robot hand is not enough for you, Indie Revolver also have another piece of artwork, giving us a much more comprehensive look at this villain.


In case you cannot make that out, this new villain is holding the wrecked armour of none other than Darth Vader in his hand, and this is where this rumour really gets interesting. Presumably these Inquisitors used to work directly with Vader and are supposed to be “Defenders of the Sith Order,” a role they’ve occupied for a very long time. Just how long? Well, apparently we will get a flashback sequence in the film, going back to before the original trilogy, explaining their history, during which we will see a young Princess Leia (rumoured to be played by none other than Carrie Fisher’s own biological daughter Billie Lourd) as well as Darth Vader himself in his prime. That’s right, Vader may be back on screen, laying the Sith smack down again. Indie Revolver claim that this lead Inquisitor is obsessed with Vader and ruminates on the Sith Lord throughout the movie. As to which actor is under that half-metal mask doing all the rumination, nobody seems to offer any insight, but my money is on Adam Driver. He was always rumoured to be playing a bad guy, and he certainly fits the physical profile for the character.

I have to admit, that as a gigantic Star Wars fan, that all these snippets sound terribly exciting and hint at the type of Star Wars story I like to hear. My excitement is of course tempered by the fact that all of this is still very firmly stuck in the rumour zone for now. All of these concept art pieces, and even that real Stormtrooper helmet, could all be the work of overzealous fans trying to connect the very few, very secretive dots themselves. It is hinted that this latest splurge of info from Indie Revolver come courtesy of chats they’ve had with some production crew who were recently laid off (because you can’t be fired from a job you no longer have). But even if that is the case, we don’t know how recent this art is, or if it’s even indicative of the final film we’ll be seeing on screen. Whether it’s an accurate portrayal or not, I can’t help but get buzzed about all of this any way.

Last Updated: August 18, 2014

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