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Matterfall is a new PS4 exclusive from Resogun maker Housemarque

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I’ve been waiting terribly impatiently for word on a release date for Alienation, the new game from Housemarque, the chaps who made Dead Nation, Super Star dust, and the PS4’s best launch title, Resogun.We’ve heard noting, and seen nothing.

Today, at Paris Games Week, that didn’t change Instead we got a look at their new game, Matterfall – which looks like an unholy union of Vanquish and P.N.03. That’s not an amalgamation you’ll hear me complain about. Take a look at this incredible-looking, particle effects-laden game

“MatterFall follows an unexpected hero fighting for survival on a ravished sci-fi world infected by a mysterious and deadly alien material known only as “Smart Matter”.

Using agility and powerful weaponry you must explore this new world and utilise your own control over the Smart Matter to uncover the mystery of this new threat and save the day before it threatens the very existence of the human race.

Expect over the top action through a vivid sci-fi world and all the addictive, lightning fast arcade gameplay that you would expect from our friends at Housemarque, the veteran team behind PlayStation classics Resogun, Dead Nation and Super Stardust.”

Last Updated: October 27, 2015

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