Meet the ‘cornerstone’ of Deus Ex: Universe’s engine

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Deus Ex Dawn Engine

I’ve always thought that Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a gorgeous game. It combined the future with the past, mixing warm renaissance ideas with a more technological age to create a unique look. Warm colours, fascinating fashion and sleek machinery combined beautifully. Whether the next Deus Ex game will also have such influences, isn’t exactly clear yet. But it will be a new Dawn for the franchise.

A new Dawn Engine that is. Eidos Montreal announced that Deus Ex: Universe will be powered by the Dawn Engine, which is in fact a very heavily modified version of the IO Interactive Glacier 2 Engine. That technology will apparently allow for “improved rendering capabilities, real-time physics, and advanced artificial intelligence programming” according to the press release. “The technology behind any game is a key component in ensuring that gamers are able to develop both an emotional and visceral connection to what they are experiencing within the game world,” studio head David Anfossi said in the PR.

We’ve worked tirelessly over the last few years developing this engine, building upon and improving both the visual and immersive artistry in our games. We truly believe that our engine will help us to strengthen both the gameplay and storytelling experiences we strive to create.

Few details are known about the next Deus Ex game, although internet rumours point towards an Illuminati plot and more human body augmentations that will connect the games. Eidos Montreal is also aiming to expand the franchise beyond PC and console, making additional games for tablet and smartphone devices.

I like the look of the engine. The screenshot above is most likely pure bullshot, but that’s not what matters here. What made Human Revolution succeed, was that it had style and quality. If the next Deus Ex manages to have its own sense of style, I’ll be quite happy. And that’s something that I’m asking for.

Last Updated: December 5, 2014

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