Memo shows $20 gap in Xbox and PS3 Rock Band guitar

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Joystiq has received a copy of a memo sent around to Game Crazy stores detaling the price of the peripheral’s for the upcoming game Rock Band.

Suprisingl there is a $20 gap between the price of the guitar for the 360 and the PS3. With the 360’s guitar coming in at a whopping $79.99 beating out the $59.99 PS3 price. The rumour is this difference is due to the cost of the wireless licence that Microsoft’s proprietary technology requires.

If this turns out to be true it just sucks… lets hope this rumour is unfounded.

At the same time Joystiq has gone through a major face lift and is looking distinctly orange now with a lot of mario’s cluttering up the comments section..

The breaking news section on the left is quite nice though, head on over and take a look.

Link to Memo shows $20 gap in Xbox and PS3 Rock Band guitar – Joystiq

Last Updated: July 9, 2007

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