Metal Gear Solid 4: First Impressions – It is still dumb

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Luke Plunkett, a self confessed MGS hater, is at the Tokyo Game Show and has given us his first impressions of MGS4…

He says it is fantastic, the graphics are great, the sound is awesome and the movements are top notch… However

A group of four enemies were clustered together at a distant doorway; I took one down and the other three just stood there. Didn’t flinch, didn’t hide, didn’t react, even though I was picking them off one by one

The last time I mentioned that the AI in MGS4 looked stupid I got flamed by a bunch of MGS fanboys with every excuse under the sun. Having such bad AI in a next gen game is absolutely unforgivable.

Lets really hope they fix that before release…

Metal Gear Solid 4: First Impressions – Kotaku

Last Updated: September 20, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Ruslan

    Maybe the AI will be crunched by the PSP in the combo mode?

  • ocelot

    Have you played Bioshock??? I shoot a crossbow arrow a couple of inches infront of a splicer, and he doesn’t notice.

    But hey, its not a Sony exclusive…..

  • Ruslan

    Thats coz you playing it on Easy man. Sies!

  • LazySAGamer

    @ocelot so you are agreeing with me that MGS’s AI looks dumb 🙂

    I haven’t noticed the bad AI in BioShock and no one else seems to have mentioned it either… will take a look though….

  • Ruslan

    Maybe its the PC version? lol!

  • Tan365

    Come on lazy… such AI was not present in MGS1 – 3. Heck that wouldnt even happen in Metal Gear Portable Ops. lol Why do u think MGS4 will suddenly end up retailing with bad AI? You seem to really believe the PS3 AI is weak huh … this is like saying Assassins’ Creed will be crap just becoz of how it was playing @ E3. Have a lil patience good sir

  • LazySAGamer

    @Tan, what me say that the PS3 is bad at AI?
    Never… okay well maybe a few times

    Seriously I have a horrible feeling that is really is bad at processing the advanced branching that AI requires.

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