Metal Gear Solid V is pushing for 60 fps on next-gen

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As the next-generation of gaming chugs closer and closer to that November launch date, games are starting to look pretty amazing on a visual and technical side. And for Metal Gear Solid V, that difference is going to be seen doubly so when current and next-gen versions are compared.

Speaking to Eurogamer at TGS 2013, Metal Gear big cheese Hideo Kojima said that his team was pushing to get Metal Gear Solid V running at 30 frames per second on current-gen consoles. “For current gen we’re aiming at 30 fps and for next-gen it’s 60 fps Kojima said.

This game was originally developed for multiple platforms, multiple devices and multiple generations.

Fox Engine was created with the current generation in mind. Maybe with other games that are being created exclusively for next-gen it might look a little behind. Of course for the next generation the resolution and the lighting will look much better.

Gameplay wise it will be the same – we’re trying to make it as close as possible. The gameplay experience won’t be affected whether it’s next gen or current gen.

The game is looking pretty good so far, regardless of platform. Still, there’s something extra special about seeing a game with superb visuals running at a full 60 high definition frames per second.

It’s daytime soap opera visuals basically. Just without each cutscene ending with the character staring at the camera while some moody music plays in the background.

Like sand in the hourglass, these are the frame-rates of our lives…

Last Updated: September 23, 2013

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