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Metal Gear Solid V:The Phantom Pain – Blueprint location guide

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You’re going to need some gear to survive Afghanistan in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. And I’m going to need some tablets, as my depth perception is worth Jack-sh** as I dial up the authenticity and play the entire game with an eye-patch on.

Throughout Metal Gear Solid V, you’ll have the chance to upgrade your gear and find newer better weapons with which to introduce the Diamond Dog lead bullet philosophy. Some of these blueprints can be acquired by completing missions and side-ops. Others, you’re going to have to dig around for.

Here’s where you can find them, if you keep an eye out for such things. Also, mild spoilers, I suppose.


UN-ARC – Assault Rifle

Search the Wakh Sind barracks.

G44 – Assault Rifle

Search the abandoned village in Ditadi.

ISANDO RGL-220 – Grenade Launcher

Inside the Kungenga mine .

HAIL MGR-4 – Grenade Launcher

Complete the Destroy the Uranium Centrifuges mission.

GEIST P3 – Handgun

Complete the Break Through the Blockade Force mission.

WU S333 – Handgun

Complete the Restore the DMZ mission.

MGS V (3)

URAGAN-5 – Handgun

Complete Mission 16 and then search the Bampeve Plantation.

ZORN-KP – Handgun

Complete the Defend the Pipeline mission.

UN-AAM – Machine Gun

Search the Nova Braga Airport during Mission 21 .

LPG-61 – Machine Gun

Complete the Recapture the Port Facilities mission.

FB MR R-LAUNCHER – Rocket Launcher

Complete the Liberate the Tanker mission.

RIOT SMG – Submachine Gun

Complete Side Op 5: Wialo Village.

ZE’EV – Submachine Gun

Complete the Search and Destroy Remaining Forces mission.

MGS V (1)

MACHT 37 – Submachine Gun

Complete Mission 23 and then search inside Kungenga Mine.

KABARGA-83 – Shotgun

Can be found inside the Mfinda Oilfield.


Complete the Prevent the Coup d’etat mission.

BAMBETOV SV – Sniper Rifle

Complete Mission 6 and then search the Lamar Khaate Palace.

AM MRS-71 – Sniper Rifle

Complete the Destroy the New Fighter Aircraft mission.

MGS V (4)

BRENNAN LRS-46 – Sniper Rifle

Complete Mission 23 and then search inside Lufwa Valley.

STUN GRENADE – Support Weapon

Can be found inside Kiziba Camp.


MGS V (2)

FLAMETHROWER – D-Walker Upgrade

Complete Mission 31 and then search inside Munoko ya Nioka Station.

STUN ARM – Prosthetic

Complete Side Op 6: Serak Power Plant to gain the stun arm prosthetic.

IR-SENSOR – Security Device

Complete Side Op 7: Qarya Sakhra Ee to be rewarded the IR-sensor.

ANTI-THEFT DEVICE – Security Device

Complete Side Op 8: Masa Village, East Guard Post for the anti-theft device.

GUN-CAM DEFENDER – Security Device

Complete Side Op 9: Nova Braga Airport.

UA-DRONE – Security Device

Complete Side Op 10: Afghanistan Central Base Camp.

PB SHIELD – Shield

Complete Mission 6 and then search inside Smasei Fort.

Last Updated: September 2, 2015


  1. Bwahahaha that header


  2. WitWolfy

    September 3, 2015 at 12:32

    This game and I have a love hate relationship.. On the one side I love the story and wanna keep seeing what happens next, but then on the other side they rip off Dragon Age inquisition and force you to do side mission that dont have anything to do with the actual story…

    For example.. I’m in Afghanistan capturing sheep and NPCs for God knows what reason, where I could be grinning like a stingy jew like I did in the prologue… STOP BREAKING THE GAMES’ PACING FFS!!! I WANNA PLAY THE STORY!!!


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