MGS Tells PSN to go jump

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Gizmo rules

It’s strange really I was posting on a local forum earlier today about the difference between PSN and Xbox Live.

The most common complaint about Live is that Microsoft charge for the service when Sony offer the same thing for free. Well this is yet another example of you getting what you pay for.

Metal Gear Online is about to be launched and Konami has managed to get it so badly wrong it is quite suprising.

So you want to play MGO, well easy enough then. You put the disc in and it will then check if you have a Konami ID  (a what?) if you don’t it will automatically boot up the browser and take you over to to sign up for a Konami ID…

So now you have your PSN integrated ID and a Konami integrated ID, great lets play…

Well it’s not that easy you see, before you can start playing you also need to sign up for a MGO Game ID…. Because your PSN integrated ID and Konami integrated ID don’t seem to mean jack…

So if you want to play MGO you are now forced to have 3 usernames and passwords before getting into the game in the first place. It has to be said that Microsoft would never stand for that and that is yet another reason why Xbox Live is better than PSN.

Konami: The Metal Gear Online ID Clusterfuck

PS: As to why there is a picture of Gizmo… Well I searched for Xbox Live vs PSN and he popped up and I love Gizmo… so yeah, no reason but he’s cool…

Last Updated: April 15, 2008

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