MGS4 Delayed Due to bad PS3 sales or…

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This is not what the Metal Gear Solid fans have been waiting to hear.

Here is the sad part of the press release

KONAMI had initially intended to release “METAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS” this winter and has been working on the production of the title. KONAMI has decided to delay the title’s release in order to make further improvements to the quality of the game and provide even greater enjoyment for more customers worldwide.

So have they delayed it due to problems getting it finished or due to the poor PS3 user base? I am going with the second one because I highly doubt the golden child of Sony is having any problems developing on the platform and I just don’t buy the further improvement idea.

Or are they just holding out until the rumbling SIXAXIS hits our shelves in March 2008?

OR…. Have they abandoned the PS3 and they are busy porting it over to the 360 as we speak?

Breaking: MGS4 Delayed for “Greater Enjoyment for More Customers”

Last Updated: October 31, 2007

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