MGS4 Limited Edition: Oh yeah!

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MGS4 fans had better pack an extra pair of underwear, because the limited edition is looking so good that you might just wet your pants when you see it for real.

So, what is included in this little bundle of MGS glory you might ask, take the jump and see for yourself!


Okay, lets take a look at what’s in the box! Ok firstly and thankfully, it actually comes with a copy of MGS4, good stuff. Also included is the games soundtrack, a “making of” Blu-Ray as well as 6 inches of pure geriatric Snake goodness.

Only 25,000 of these suckers are going to be available, so if you get your hands on one, especially here, you will be lucky. The US price tag is $80.00, but we don’t yet know what the final SA price is going to be, let’s hope it doesn’t hurt too bad, although it looks like it’s gonna be worth every cent.


Last Updated: June 5, 2008

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