MGS4 on Xbox 360 – Make up your mind!

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 Okay hands up everyone who is sick and tired of this indecision about whether MGS is coming to the Xbox or not?

After being told that there is absolutely no way that the game is going to  appear on the Xbox 360 by the CEO of Kajima the rumours about the move started up again when we got told that the game is now delayed.

Now someone inside Kojima has said

“I can tell you honestly at this point, we have not changed the game in any form with the idea of ‘oh, we got to do this on 360.’ Put aside whether or not we’re developing for 360 or not, the game is built on the PS3 hardware, as you guys have known for the past two years or so.”

Why can they just not come out and tell us that MGS4 is coming to the Xbox 360…. Why on earth would they be discussing changing the game for the 360 if they where not bringing it to the box?

Come on please just confirm this one…

Source: MGS4 Won’t Be Changed Because of 360 news from

Last Updated: May 18, 2007

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