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MGS4 only running at 576p

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MGS4 graphical improvement

This is a rumour and nothing has been confirmed by Konami or Sony, however there are a bunch of very clever people over on the Beyond3d.com forum who have been analysing screenshots and video from MGS4 and have come up with the following.

As far as Uncharted and Ratchet goes, those two are full 720p, which is pretty good in my opinion. However, Quaz is speculating that MGS4 might run at 576p, which would be semi-disastrous if true. The quality would be noticeably and significantly downgraded from regular 720p, and it would provide copious ammunition for Xbox fans in the fanboy wars, whether that’s good or not. No doubt about that

Now honestly I don’t have much understanding of all of these resolutions. I know 720p is HD and that we were once told by Sony that all games will be Full HD = 1080p on the PS3. This has not come to pass and certain games like Halo 3 and GTA IV have looked awesome at 640p.

However 576p is coming in at 1/2 of what we were originally promised and I can absolutely guarantee you that if this is true the fanboys on the Internet are going to explode.

The guys on the forum seem to know what they are talking about so I recommend that both sides start preparing for an unprecedented flamebait Friday….

Neverending Upscaling/Resolutions/AA etc Thread #2 *Rules: post: #616 * – Page 16 – Beyond3D Forum

Last Updated: May 8, 2008

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