MGS4 review: EGM magazine takes a stand

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It’s about time that someone does something like this. Not just anyone, but someone who’s actions will be seen and taken into account.

The people at EGM magazine have decided to not give Metal Gear Solid 4 a score due to restrictions set by Konami that they don’t agree with. The restrictions asked the press to not make any comments on the size of the games install size as well as make any mention of the games very long cutscenes (90mins at times!). No wonder Solid Snake looks so damn old, he might well be dead by the time the game is installed and the first large cutscenes are over.

There may be more restrictions that I am not aware of, but these two definitely made the biggest impact. Halle-freakin-lujah. I am so glad that they have made some sort of stand against the practices that are seen in the game industry these days. What is the point of a review if you aren’t able to make comments about something which could potentially be a flaw in the game.

I am disappointed in Konami for their actions and I am glad that news like this has made it onto the internet. Some people are interested in the long cutscenes and as far as I can recall, long cutscenes were apart of the MGS style anyways? As for the install size, so what, PS3 owners are getting used to them, unless they are really massive I can’t see what the big issue is. I don’t agree with installs on the PS3 but Konami looks a lot more daft from this news than they would from a large install on MGS.

Good on you EGM, I am proud that one of the media powerhouses is standing up to the publishers.

source: Kotaku

Last Updated: June 3, 2008

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