MGS4 to Xbox 360, Gears to PS3!

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Those would be the two headlines that have been thrown around at the moment.

In the Black corner we have the never ending rumour of MGS4 coming to the Xbox 360. Konami has once again officially come out and said that it is simply speculation. What does that mean? That’s not a denial or a confirmation. Just let us know please…

In the White corner we have the brand new out of the box rumour that Gears of War is heading over to the PS3. Mark Rein came out and stated

This story is complete bull****. I emailed the site and asked them to take it down. We’re very happy with our relationship with Microsoft. If it weren’t for them Gears wouldn’t be the huge hit it has become.

See Konami that is how you shoot a rumour down in flames easily… You don’t need to be a translator to figure out that the Gears to PS3 rumour is a hoax with that sort of official response.

Last Updated: June 4, 2007

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