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Microsoft adds support to Gaymercon

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Here we go again. Again

We’ve had a lengthy – and mostly civilised – debate about the merits of a gaming convention dedicated to the LBGT community, who might feel out of place at your average con, which undoubtedly cater mostly towards straight white privileged males. Microsoft’s Xbox Live team has made a video pledging support for Gaymercon, and has urged others to do the same before the event’s kickstarter ends.

Slightly hypocritical; Though Microsoft as a whole has always stood up for gay rights, the mere mention of being lesbian, bisexual, gay or transgender in your Xbox Live profile was once grounds for a banning (the situation changed in 2010 after a huge public uproar). Still, supports nice – and you can watch their video below.

On that note; though I think the idea behind Gaymercon is noble I’m now convinced, more than ever that it’s just not necessary. After having been to Gamescom in Cologne, I sincerely think there’s no need for a dedicated LBGT gaming convention. It’s the most open, safe environment for gamers of all types you’re likely to find, anywhere in the world. significantly different from the macho E3, Gamescom is a chilled space – with entire halls and sections dedicated to the type of people those with entirely too much testosterone tend to shun. even its host city, Cologne, is one of the most refreshingly open cities I’ve had the joy of experiencing. In fact, the number of gay clubs we saw while there outnumbered those for straight people.

One evening, we stumbled across an LBGT street festival there – and straight families with their little children attended and joined in on the fun. nobody there care what colour your skin is, what clothes you wear, how fat your ass is, or that you’re a dude dressed up in women’s clothing. It was pretty awesome to see.

Last Updated: August 31, 2012

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