Microsoft admits ALL Xbox 360's are faulty

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Not Good, it is being reported that Robbie Bach admitted to the media in a conference call that all Xbox 360’s have a design fault which may cause them to fail.

That would be every single one of them, so that little white box in your lounge that hasn’t given you a day of trouble is really just a ticking time bomb…

It might not fail but the chances are that it will within it’s first two years of life. Thankfully Microsoft has now increased the warranty to 3 years so you are covered but you have to ask how this was possible. They really should have tested it much better.

Robbie Bach stated that this design flaw only surfaced recently but who can really believe that. We have been hearing and reporting about breaking consoles for the last 18 months. They really should have picked this up earlier.

[Update] An update for this article is here

Source: Fast Silicon

Last Updated: July 13, 2007

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