Microsoft Ask To Fire Journalist

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Well this isn’t very cool at all.

According to Game Partisan there has been some very unfriendly commentary between the two companies with the latest round ending as so.

“They have been evasive, rude, bigoted and downright offensive to me on the phone and by email. This was punctuated by a conversation yesterday between a Microsoft rep and our editor-in-chief, Jonny DeViney, where Microsoft effectively asked DeViney to drop me (Ben Paddon) from the editorial team to ‘remove any potential sources of contention’ between GP and Microsoft.”

And where has all this anger come from? Well Ben Paddon who writes for Game Partisan was transferred from the UK to the US by his company, he then asked Microsoft to transfer his gamertag from the UK system to the US system.

Which has proven to be virtually impossible. While the incompetence of technical support is generally accepted worldwide, having one of the largest game publishers attempt to force a company to fire someone is going to far.

Luckily he has not been fired but the trend is unsettling.

Publishers vs. Press Round 3: Microsoft Ask To Fire Journalist | ripten

Last Updated: January 11, 2008

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