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Microsoft boosts Xbox 360 manufacturing

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So we have been wondering where all the Xbox 360’s are? There has been quite a substantial shortage worldwide with no real reasons being given.

Well apparently the reason has been found. One of the previous manufacturers of the Xbox 360 (Wistron) actually stopped manufacturing the console as they claimed the profit margins were to thin on the console. Which may explain the shoddy workmanship on the original batch.

Anyway to rectify this problem Microsoft have signed up two new manufacturers to boost supplies by an estimated 500 000 units per month.

I am guessing here that the one manufacturer was signed to make up for the loss of Wistron while the second is purely in preparation for a leap in sales after the recent price cut.

Will this investment come back to haunt them? I doubt it, I am still very confident that the new price tag is going to entice a lot more people into buying a Xbox 360 and the longer Sony takes to react the greater the lead that Microsoft will get.

Microsoft signs assemblers to boost Xbox 360 output | Register Hardware

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Last Updated: March 19, 2008

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