Microsoft creating Home rival – Say it ain't so

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Daniel Schiappa (Head of Microsoft E&D) has appeared at the annual virtual worlds conference and caused a mini storm by stating

by next year, you’ll probably know more about why I’m up here

This has obviously now caused people to jump on the possibility of a Home rival being created for the Xbox 360. It has always been rumoured that Microsoft monitor all the blogs and forums out there for information on what the consumers want.

I really don’t want a Home clone on the 360

Hopefully that doesn’t leave any confusion, I could think of nothing worse than having to walk through a virtual world to try and find my friends before starting a game of Halo.

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Last Updated: October 15, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Yeah, heard about this early today on the NAG forums. ( I have to voice my opinion on this situation.

    Why is Sony trying to copy Microsoft and in-turn Microsoft copying Sony? Its a stupid circle that gets the average consumer confused.

    Here you have two consoles each trying to bring its own type of unique entertainment that can only be found on that console to the world, and then you get the stupid idiots incharge of the respective companies and decide; “Oh look console Y has this lets go and put it in ours!” 2 Months down the line, company Y goes; “Well would you look at that, console Z has that feature, lets put it in ours!”

    It just leaves the market really bland and boring, with two consoles that have the same bread and butter, they just cost different amounts and have different titles.

    So let an Xbox be an Xbox and let a PS3 be a PS3, they should in all honesty not make a PlayBox 4-720.

  • abev

    “Playbox 4-720” Lol!

    I dont get the point of Home! I think it is lame, and caters to a very specific breed of people out there, i.e. those who actually want to live in a computer.

  • J4NR1K

    Agree. If I wanted a HOME experience, I would Second life it. Rather create a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for the 360!

  • abev

    Yea, World of Warcraft would rock on console

  • HungeryHooligan


    Coping of products happens in all industries. It’s due to a capitalist driven society. Look all vehicle manufactures provided the same features (with the exception of some new designs and thoughts, which will be copied eventually).

  • The point of the matter is, it confuses the consumer and creates a rather boring market.

  • doobiwan

    They are all all the above accounts 😉

    Like everything else, Microsoft has done their research, they know a “home” would be a niche product. I doubt they would make something as integral to the platform experience as home, but rather offer something for those that specifically want it.

    As far as MMO’s confirmed coming to the 360:

    Marvel Online
    Conan Hyborian Adventures
    Huxley (yeah baby!)

    mentioned but unconfirmed:
    Warhammer online

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