Microsoft: Family sharing may return, digital library already there

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It seems that no matter what Microsoft has done, it hasn’t been able to please the masses.  Even after the 180 on DRM, people petition to get features back.  One of them is Family Sharing, which may yet make a come back.

In an interview with IGN, Marc Whitten (Xbox One chief product officer) responded to the fan petition asking for another 180, particularly the part about Family Sharing:

“If it’s something that people are really excited about and want, we’re going to make sure that we find the right way to bring it back.”

He admits that communication surrounding the Xbox One features and changes were not clearly communicated.  In fact, it seems that the customer-oriented approach of Larson-Green is already in effect:

One of the things I think we learned was that we didn’t talk enough, and we were incomplete in a lot of how using the system would work. Because we weren’t participating in the conversation in a deep enough way, it got us sort of off cycle about how we talk about our program. I think we’ve learned a lot of lessons. And I think it’s something that you’re going to see a lot more from us, frankly, is engaging more with the community. I think it’s the number one thing I’d want to do if I went back, was have the conversation more open and more complete.

I definitely think that more open communication would be a really good thing – there are features we want that we aren’t even aware will exist!  Access to the digital library is still a thing on the Xbox One.  Joe DiMerio of the Xbox PR team told us:

“As we previously announced, consumers will be able to sign on to any Xbox One console and have access to all their digital games.  Once the required data –a fraction of the entire game – is on their hard drive, they can jump into the action while the rest of the game finishes downloading in the background.  And of course, on Xbox 360, consumers today can download their digital games on any console after signing in to their Xbox Live account.”

So, really, the features are still there on the Xbox One.  You can play your games at a friend’s house using the cloud, and (like the PS4), you can start playing before the game has fully downloaded.  Even if the family share feature isn’t there at launch, Microsoft will probably add it back onto the console.  Things are starting to shape up for Microsoft – nice to be hearing some good news.

Now, if only they could respond to all of us in the tin foil hat brigade regarding the Kinect…

Last Updated: July 16, 2013

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